Pascalcase | Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Extensions and Services

Connect your Dynamics 365 and PowerApps to the outside world.

Pascalcase API makes Dynamics 365 and PowerApps integration simpler.

Pascalcase API supports the following modules and products.

  • Marketing

    API allows interaction with marketing funnels, campaigns, customer journeys & marketing analytics

  • Customer Service

    Connect to Call centers, self-help portals, knowledge-base, SLA management, entitlements & more

  • Field Service

    Bring customer service capabilities to customer locations.

  • Sales

    Get access to lead management, sales funnels, opportunity management, order processing, reports & more with Microsoft's Sales application.


Our API makes development faster and simpler. You don't need to register the App in Azure Active Directory to connect to Dynamics 365 and PowerApps.

  • Silver


    • 1000 API Operations
    • CRUD Operations to and from CRM.
    • API Automation
    • Connect to Dynamics 365
    • Connect to PowerApps (CDS)
    • Connect to CDS
    • Community Support

    • Subscribe
  • Gold

    $75 per month

    • All Silver Features
    • 10,000 API Operations
    • Zapier Integration (Needs a Zapier Subscription)
    • Azure Connect
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Premium Support
    • 24 hour SLA

    • Subscribe
  • Platinum

    $250 per month

    • All Gold Features
    • 50,000 API Operations
    • Custom Integration to other applications
    • Single sign-on authentication
    • Extra discount for more API Operations
    • Custom API Calls
    • Dedicated Support

    • Subscribe

Why Pascalcase API?

Pascalcase API brings API Automation, Recurring Scheduling, Reporting to your integrations.

  • API Automation

  • Scheduling

  • No Registration of app in your Azure AD.

  • App Services, Queues & more

  • Supports Dynamics 365 & PowerApps (CDS)


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. You can contact us. We are here to help.

Yes, you can do it in your account or contact us.


One subscription allows you to connect to only one Dynamics 365/PowerApps instance.


Create an account, login and go to the Dashboard area. You can generate an API key to use API.

Microsoft's rate limit still applies to our API as well. For more information, please visit the Microsoft website.