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We #build Dynamics 365 and Power Platform extensions

Transform your Dynamics 365 investment into tangible results with the help of a seasoned partner. Choose Pascalcase, where our expertise in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform will take your business to the next level.

Pascalcase Metadata Browser for Dataverse

With over 6,000 downloads, We are the creators of the Metadata browser for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform add-on for Microsoft Edge, which allows you to examine and export Dataverse metadata such as tables, columns, relationships, keys, etc.

Commission 365

Commission 365 is an extension by Pascalcase for the Dynamics 365 Sales App & PowerApps that allows you to configure commissions, incentives and bonus plans for your sales staff. You can customise plans by determining when sales representatives receive commission, the sort of calculation to be used to determine commission, and so on. There are different kinds of computations available such as count-based and percentage-based. You have complete control over the ruleset, including which data is used, who is eligible, how often commissions are paid, etc.

Our Customers

We build industry specific solutions/extensions for Dynamics 365 modules

  • Marketing

    We help you create complete end-to-end marketing funnels, customer journeys, campaigns, industry specific integrations & marketing analytics

  • Customer Service

    Connect to Call centers, self-help portals, knowledge-base, SLA management, entitlements & more

  • Field Service

    Bring customer service capabilities to customer locations.

  • Sales

    Get access to lead management, sales funnels, opportunity management, order processing, reports & more with Dynamics 365 Sales module.

Why Pascalcase?

We are ex-Microsoft employees. We have unparalleled product knowledge.

  • Low-cost implementation

  • Custom data migration tools

  • We can assist you in reducing your licence expenses

  • We work with Microsoft technologies exclusively

  • We develop extensions for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform