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Pascalcase Metadata Browser for Dataverse

for Dynamics 365 & PowerApps

Pascalcase Metadata Browser is an extension for Microsoft Edge browser for accessing metadata of Dataverse (Dynamics 365 and PowerApps) instances. You can easily browse properties like tables, columns, relationships, choices, etc. and export to CSV files.The main advantage of this extension is that it will automatically show you the logical names of the tables and their columns on UI forms, assisting you not to always navigate to your solution to find the logical names.

Download from Microsoft Edge

Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Metadata

Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Metadata is a powerful metadata tool, which allows you to download metadata as a .mdb file. The data present in the file is directly extracted from your Microsoft Dataverse instance. This file contains a list of metadata components such as tables, columns, entities, keys, option sets, relationships, etc. You can expand any table and find the required information like primary keys, foreign keys, logical names, schema names and more. The main advantage of using this tool is, it allows you to speed up the source data discovery process for many projects such as data catalog, data governance, data warehouse, master data, data integration, etc.

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