Html to Pdf converter for Power Automate

Convert Html content to Pdf documents using Power Automate flows.

Say goodbye to the restrictive 2MB limit. Now, you can create heavy-duty documents without any size constraints. Let your creativity and ideas flow freely with our expanded content size capability

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Setting up:

  1. Search for html to pdf converter in choose an operation area. Select the pascalcase connector. Refer Image – H1
  2. Image H1

  3. Provide content type, html string/code and the key {can be null}. The key will be provided by pascalcase software to the users if they want to generate more than 1 page of PDF, else the generated PDF will be of 1 page. By default, the content type and html string will have some values in them, users can change the html value based on their desire. Refer Image – H2
  4. Image H1

  5. Once run the response will be a bytes array which can be used in any file content parameter either for Dataverse or for SharePoint. Refer Image – H3
  6. Image H3

Power Automate Connector - Description

Welcome to the description page of the Microsoft hosted custom connector for your ASP.Net website!

What is a Custom Connector?

A custom connector is a feature in Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow), and Azure Logic Apps that allows you to extend the capabilities of these services by integrating with external systems and services. With a custom connector, you can create a connection to your ASP.Net website and define actions, triggers, and other operations that can be used within Power Apps, Power Automate, and Azure Logic Apps.

Features of the Custom Connector

  • Integration with your ASP.Net website: The custom connector allows seamless integration between your ASP.Net website and the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Actions and triggers: You can define actions and triggers within the custom connector, enabling you to perform various operations on your ASP.Net website data or respond to events.
  • Authentication and security: The custom connector supports authentication mechanisms, ensuring secure access to your ASP.Net website's resources.
  • Customizable: You can customize the custom connector to fit your specific requirements and expose the desired functionality of your ASP.Net website.

How to Use the Custom Connector

  1. Open the appropriate application (Power Apps, Power Automate, or Azure Logic Apps).
  2. Create a new flow, app, or workflow, or open an existing one.
  3. Add a new action or trigger to your flow, app, or workflow.
  4. Search for and select the custom connector you created for your ASP.Net website.
  5. Configure the parameters and properties of the action or trigger based on your requirements.
  6. Save and run your flow, app, or workflow.

That's it! You can now leverage the power of the custom connector to integrate your ASP.Net website with the Microsoft Power Platform.